What does a typical BoB meeting look like or what to expect?

Well generally we meet from 6.45 am onwards and do a bit of "networking" which usually means haveing a chat and a catchup with folks, greet any visitors, have a cup of tea/coffee.

We then sit down to breakfast which can be either a full English or continental accouding to your taste.

After the meeting is brought "to order" each member gets the opportunity of making a short 60 second pitch about their business.  Jargon refers to this as the "elevator pitch".

We then break for about 5 - 10 minutes to refresh cups while the !0 minuite speaker gets ready.  Every meeting one member on rotation get the chance to expand on their business and the sort of leads they are looking for in more detail.

There is then a feedback/question opportunity followed by a referral/recommendation spot and any notices.

The meeting closes at 8.30 am.