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Assisted Transportation

Driving Miss Daisy is a franchise business which started off in New Zealand, and came to the UK in 2014. It has been rapidly expanding across the country ever since. The Devizes franchise opened for business in November 2016.

We provide a safe, reliable and caring community companion service which goes beyond transportation to include physical accompaniment and support, and whatever other assistance is necessary, completely tailored to the needs of our clients. We always walk to the door to collect and return clients; we can attend appointments with clients and report information back to family members, if required. We can assist with shopping, and outings, and make sure that children are safely delivered to school or after-school activities. We regularly run outings for people to benefit from joining a group excursion to a place of interest, where they can enjoy a social gathering in complete comfort and safety, secure in the knowledge that there is someone with them who puts their needs first. The list of activities and situations where Driving Miss Daisy can help just keeps growing!

Driving Miss Daisy delivers the opportunity for each of our clients to live as they choose. We believe in helping people to remain mobile and active. Encouraging social interaction and providing companionship is at the heart of our ethos, enabling our customers to maintain a healthy outlook, and live their life to the very full.

The Driving Miss Daisy experience consistently evokes empathy and enthusiasm from whoever we talk to. Everybody knows someone - a relative, a neighbour, a friend - who can benefit from our service, often in a way that makes a huge difference to their well-being, and has a positive impact on their life. Call us today, and discover how together we can make a big difference to someone that you know!

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