About Us

Business over Breakfast (or BOB) is a friendly group which is all about helping you to grow your business.

We meet twice a month over breakfast to exchange referrals, share good business practices and support the local community our businesses all depend on.

There is never enough time when you run your own business. Being part of a friendly, supportive and welcoming group who can refer you to their customers, friends and family is like having a mini sales team working for you around the clock.

As well as passing referrals BOB encourages members to share good business practices and offers training and development sessions for the group.

The breakfast provided by the Happy Food Company is renowned and there is always good-humoured banter. We also meet outside the meetings for 121s and social events.

We also believe in giving back to the community and have supported Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Devizes CCTV, Devizes Food Bank, CUDS (Clean up Devizes Squad), and Open Doors over the past couple of years.

History and Training

BoB came into existence in autumn 2005, its founder members were the remnants of a former BNI Group that had become too small to be viable. However, those members were keen to see some form of continuance of business networking, but in a member lead, not for profit basis. Over the years it grew from strength to strength with many of the original members still part of the group.

Aside for being a business referral and mutual support organisation it has put on several business exhibitions, has raised money for local charities and provided in house training for its members.

It has met for breakfast at many local hostelries over the years including The Black Swan, The Bear Hotel, The Castle Hotel, The Crown, Moonrakers and the Conservative Club.

First Aid Training in 2009, 2012, 2016 & 2018

Trade Exhibitions in 2009 & 2010 in the Corn Exchange

Fund raising for Wiltshire Air Ambulance, CUDS (Clean up Devizes Squad), Devizes CCTV and Devizes OpenDoors

Members are treated, with their partners, to an annual Christmas Dinner (held in January!) some of them themes such as a Casino Night and Only Fools & Horses

Training for members have included regular 1st Aid Training, Fire Marshall Training, MS Office applications, Social Networking.

We have held several Visitor Days where members are encouraged to introduce more businesses to the Group - although visitors are welcome at any time.

Group Etiquette and Ethics

Members are expected not to conduct side conversations when the chairman is addressing the group, or another member is presenting.

Members are expected to be open honest with each other and build trust and goodwill within the group.

BoB is a mutually supportive group and members are encouraged to help each other and be helpful t each other wherever possible.

Members should always uphold the ethical standards of their trade or profession.

A high quality of services should always be provided and any deviations to prices quoted should always be discussed with the customer in advance. 

Referrals from fellow members should always be followed up and feedback given to the referring member.

Members should pay their fees and fellow members on time and always ensure that their account is in good order.