Visitors are most welcome at any regular BoB meeting we would, however, appreciate knowing in advance as we have to provide numbers to our caterers The Happy Food Company.

From time to time we have meeting specifically for visitors to BoB. These provide a great insight into how BoB works as group and membership forms are always available for those who feel they would like to join in on a regular basis.

Cost per visitor including breakfast is £10.00.  Cut off point is 5.00 pm (17:00) the Friday before the meeting.

Please review our values, ethics and conduct if you are thinking of visiting the group.

Inviting Visitors

Please use this form to request a visitor invitation or register a potential guest. 


Business Referrals

In accordance with our Values and Ethics, members agree to be alert to referrals that might be passed to fellow members.  They also agree to follow up on referrals given and to provide feedback.  This is a powerful model!  It means that, in effect, we are all helping to grow one another's businesses.

We believe that the commitment to follow up on referrals received, and to provide feedback, is as important as giving the referral.  It demonstrates a respect for the member who gave the referral, which in turn increases the likelihood of further referrals and mutual support: a cycle of success!


One Member Per Business Type

BoB is an excellent way to help grow your business as only one member per industry category is permitted to join.  Unlike some other groups, this means you can build a network within and around the group as the exclusive supplier and expert in your field.  We see this as a key feature of BoB.

In accordance with our Values and Ethics, members agree to respect the exclusivity of categories.  

We agree to ensure that the business of any potential visitor to be invited does not overlap with that of a fellow member; and if in doubt, to check with the member who may be compromised and accept their ruling on the matter without demur.

We also agree to ensure that we do not stray into other members' areas in our One Minute Pitches, 10 Minute Presentations, 5 Minute Education Slots and general discussions at meetings.

So, it really is just one member per business type.  This makes for an interesting mix of members, vibrant meetings, and great business opportunities.

Member Vacancies

Training & Mutual Support


We hold a number of training events throughout the year.  The programme for  2023 is as follows:

18 January: An Introduction to Financial Well-Being.  A 3 hour event delivered by Karl Wiltshire, Wiltshire Wealth Management.

15 March: First Aid.  An approved training event leading to a First Aid Certificate, delivered by Nigel Inseal, EFA Training.

21 June: Getting the Most Out of Your Website.  A 3 hour event delivered by David Foster, Honeystone Web Design.

20 September: An Introduction to Sales.  A 3 hour event delivered by Gwyn Russell, United EPoS Solutions.

15 November or 6 December:  tbc

Additionally, at every BoB Meeting we have a 5 minute ‘Education Slot’ in which a Committee Member speaks on a topic of interest and value to the group.


Mutual support is a key element of the group's ethos.  Between our members, with their combined experience, there are few challenges that will not be familiar - and, in accordance with our Values and Ethics, our expectation is that all members should be as happy to offer support as they are to receive it.

We encourage members to have one to one meetings outside the group in order to get to know each other and each other's businesses better, and to build strong, mutually supportive business relationships.

Our Training and Mutual Support Committee Member, Anthony Brister CBE, is available to enable new members to receive the initial mutual support that they want/need from the appropriate member(s) of the group.

Great Fun Breakfast

The breakfast provided by the Happy Food Company is renowned and there is always good-humoured banter.  This period, during which no formal group business occurs, is also an opportunity to catch up with fellow members and even explore potential business opportunities.  It's amazing what can happen over bacon and eggs at 7:15 in the morning!

We also meet outside the meetings for 121s and social events.  The 121s are an important aspect of BoB: in accordance with our Values and Ethos, our members agree to instigate them and to be open to invitations to attend them.  Great things can follow!