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David Sponsors BoB's: Website Design & Development TypedCMS Account

David grew up in the Cotswolds on the Gloucestershire Wiltshire border and attended schools in both counties. 

After a number of agricultural, driving and catering jobs in school holidays he went to Middlesex Business School and studied business and finance where his first professional job with was an internship with Phillips – undertaking market research and competitive intelligence for telecommunications.

After graduating he worked IPSOS Vantis as a developer and then for NEC as a Business Planning Executive before returning to Wiltshire to work for a small telecommunications consulting firm.

His last job before starting Honeystone was with Lucent Technologies where he was a Senior Marketing Manager running a global team of researchers and strategic planners.

He started Honeystone in 2003 providing consulting in digital marketing as well as building websites. 

In 2020 he also co-founded TypedCMS Ltd a SaaS (software as a service) company which has developed an API driven headless CMS, used by among others Honeystone.

David enjoys live music, cycling, entertaining and creative writing.